XML Schema validation form

Advanced UI

Please upload an XML document that needs to be validated, and upload one or more XSD documents from your local workstation and click "Submit" button on the below form. The XML schema validation results will be displayed on your browser.

Many times only one XSD document would be sufficient to do an XML document validation assessment. But during an XML schema validation assessment, if XML schema documents are related by includes / imports etc, more than one XSD document would be necessary. If you need to provide more than one XSD document, the primary XSD document needs to be provided first, and then all other XSD documents need to be packaged in one zip archive (if the zip archive needs to contain only one XSD document, then the XSD document may be uploaded directly as well. For packaging two or more XSD documents for upload, the XSD documents must be uploaded in a zip archive.). Having a zip archive of XSD documents, allows the server application to accept any number of XSD documents for a given XML schema validation assessment.

If you are providing a zip archive of XSD documents on this UI, the server application assumes that all the XSD documents in zip archive are available in a simple directory structure (i.e the server application doesn't understand that, XSD documents can refer to each other within sub directories).

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Select a zip archive (containing set of XSD documents. please use an extension .zip for this file for uploading two or more XSD documents with this form field. the zip file must conform to the standard zip archive format. Max size 1.5 MB)

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Enable XSD 1.1 CTA full XPath checking (works when, XSD version selected is 1.1)? more details * Yes 




Using Apache Xerces-J (v 2.12.2) XML Schema validator