Frequently Asked Questions

This web page answers few, FAQs (frequently asked questions) for users of this site.

Why has this site been made available?

This site has been developed and hosted to provide to users of this site, Online XML Schema validation and/or XSLT transformation functionalities via file uploads, specifically using Apache XercesJ and XalanJ software libraries that this site uses within back-end web application of this site. Users may use this site, for any relevant XML Schema validation and/or XSLT tranformation use cases that user wishes to solve.

Does this site work on laptop/desktop, mobile phone/tablet devices or both?

User may get better convenience when using this site on laptop/desktop device's web browsers. But this site is equally usable on mobile phone/tablet device's web browsers as well. When using this site on mobile phone/tablet devices, user needs to ensure that neccessary XML, XML Schema and/or XSLT documents are available on mobile phone/tablet device's local file system that the user shall be able to upload to this site via one or more HTML forms provided on this site, for using XML Schema validation and/or XSLT transformation functionalities provided by this site.

How are files uploaded to this site, handled with respect to duration of their persistence/retention at back-end?

We don't store within back-end repository or file system of this site any of user's XML, XML Schema, XSLT document functional contents, after users have completed the XML Schema validation assessment or XSLT transformation via file uploads on this site. We only permanently store within back-end repository of this site, the file size of each of the XML, XML Schema, XSLT document uploaded correlated with user's user-id/email, and the date and time when users have uploaded these documents to this site. The data previously mentioned as stored permanently within this site, may be subject to archival or deletion by system admin of this site sometime in future if for e.g, there appears to be data storage size volume constraints on this site (but these system admin aspects of this site, shall not affect users making use of this site's run-time functionalities).

We intend to keep such information (that're specified as permanent within previous paragraph of this FAQ item) within back-end repository of this site, to help us know how much these XML related tools are used by user community, that shall also help us perhaps to improve in future the functional implementation and run-time performance of this site.

Are user passwords stored encrypted within back-end users repository of this site?

The user passwords of users of this site are stored encrypted using strong encryption algorithm, within back-end users repository of this site. We never try to decrypt user passwords of users of this site. System admin of this site currently, can decrypt user passwords of users of this site by manual programming efforts, and this option shall be useful for system admin of this site to help solve user support issues related to user registration and log-in to this site.

In the future, we may change (but this is not a high priority work currently while maintaining this site) password generation methodology and storage of passwords within back-end users repository of this site, to have user passwords on this site impossible to be translated to clear text by manual programming efforts by system admin, or developer of this site.

If any user using this site, is concerned in any way about these mention password storage technical aspects, may write to the support contact of this site (i.e, to this site's support email and suggest improved process and design for users password storage within back-end repository of this site. We're flexible to change such back-end implementation of this site, depending on merits of any such suggestions.

To help mitigate any such user concerns, users of this site may use 'Change password' feature of this site, as often as neccessary users feels so.

What is user support mechanism of this site?

If user faces any technical issue related to how they should use this site, which an user cannot resolve themselves, user may write an email to following email address describing an issue faced by user : All possible efforts shall be made, to resolve user's queries and issues at earliest and an email response shall be sent to user with a likely resolution.

If user questions are related to XML, XML Schema, XSLT languages and/or their integration with other IT software systems, its advisable that users should look for solutions to such questions on appropriate technical forums, web sites or look for solutions via web search.

Apache XercesJ related contact information is available on following web links:
Apache XercesJ users list
Apache XercesJ developers list

Apache XalanJ related contact information is available on following web link:
Apache XalanJ contacts information

Can user request deactivation/deletion of account?

Although we don't wish users of this site to get their registered user account on this site deactivated/deleted, but users shall be able to do this by using option 'Deactivate/delete profile' from the page displayed to user after user logs in to this site. After an user deactivates/deletes her/his profile from this site, user shall be able to again register to this site with the same or a different email address.

Can suggestions for improvements to this site be made, and get the suggested improvements implemented?

Anyone may suggest improvements to this site (for e.g, bug fixes, existing feature improvements, implementation of new features), by writing relevant suggestions to following email address : The suggestions shall be implemented, after determining feasibility and with earliest possible implementation schedule. The support priority with respect to this, shall be following : first bug fixes, then existing feature improvements and then implementation of new features.